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THE Hjem / Home STORY

The brand

Why Hjem, what does it mean, + how on earth do you pronounce it!!

Whilst researching potential names we thought about the key elements of our brand + what we wanted to achieve. In light of events over the last few years + the relentless, stressful lives we all lead, the home has become even more of a centre for most of us including work life so we wanted something that represented the home, happiness + warmth. 

Translated to home in Norwegian + pronounced 'heeyem' the name / brand represents a warm happy place with Norwegian’s believed to be the happiest people on the planet! 


Wellbeing + self care are at the core of everything we create.  All our products are centred around empowerment + promoting positive, healthy messages. We do this through a collection of eco friendly, sustainable, ethical products for mind, body + soul. 

We strive to combine empowerment, motivation, good smells, crystal therapy + stylish products that feel + look great!


We are proud to present a collection that is vegan, sustainable, ethically sourced + environmentally conscious. 

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