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Five Crystal Collection - REPAIR
  • Five Crystal Collection - REPAIR


    Your crystals are presented in our branded cloth bag which can be used to store all of your crystals safely.


    Your crystal 'REPAIR' bag contains:
    Fluorite - neutralises negative energy + stress

    Rainbow Moonstone - brings balance + enhances inner confidence

    Rhodonite - to achieve one’s highest potential

    Jade - increases nurturing + brings harmony

    Pink Tourmaline - calms anxiety with emotional healing


    Your crystals have been lovingly handled by us but now is the time to make them your own!

    - Clean your crystals with soapy water (candle crystals only)

    - Cleanse your crystals (Using one of the methods here)

    - Set your own personal intention & purpose for your crystal

    - Carry your crystals with you for 7 days to take ownership


    Click here for more tips on caring for your crystals 


    'Repair' is part of our 'Hunn' collection which is simply translated as female in Norweigan.


    This collection has been created to empower and encourage our fellow females as we navigate through our own (sometimes crazy) versions of life. 


    'Repair' symbolises a wish to take the time to repair yourself after a trauma.  Healing comes in many forms but always starts with taking time and working through the process.  


    REPAIR TO REBUILD - Time is the biggest healer, be kind to yourself. 


    All of our products have been lovingly created with every aspect of the product lending to the collection. We hope you love them as much as we've loved making them!



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