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Rose Quartz Infused LOVE Candle | Turkish Rose + Tonka
  • Rose Quartz Infused LOVE Candle | Turkish Rose + Tonka


    'Love' is part of our 'Hunn' collection which is translated as female in Norweigan.


    The LOVE Candle is hand poured with vegan, soy wax + infused with Rose Quartz

    - bringing deep healing & inner peace


    The collection has been created to empower and encourage our fellow females as we navigate through our own (sometimes crazy) versions of life.


    Start your love journey with yourself as self care / self love are so important for peace of mind + to ensure your health + wellbeing.


    All of our products have been lovingly created with every aspect of the product lending to the collection including the scent & crystal which is described in detail below.


    The 'Love' collection has a floral scent + is infused with a raw piece of Rose Quartz.


    Crystal Notes: Rose Quartz brings deep healing & inner peace + has deep emotional healing powers that give lasting positive results. It is said to be effective in removing fears, resentment + anger making room for true inner peace. Equally it has been shown to help balance emotions and heal emotional scars with great affect.

    It encompasses everything love.


    Fragrance Notes: Turkish rose + Tonka has been created with top notes of pepper & tumeric, bulgarian rose, rose wood + bottom notes of patchouli, tonka + amber. 


    Candle Size: 425g

    Handpoured | Vegan Soy Wax 

    Burn Time: Approx 90 Hours


    Candle | Crystal Care:

    - Remove your crystals before lighting + cleanse to add to your collection 

    - For your first use melt to the edges and extinguish for an even burn

    - Burn for 3 hours MAX in one sitting

    - Click here for clearing, cleansing + charging tips 

    - Trim your wick after every burn (around 3 hours) This will prevent sooting + stop your candle burning too fast with a big flame. Trim to around 2.5 cm


    Environmental Care:

    - Once the wax reaches 10-15mm from the bottom your jar can be cleaned out + recycled for bits & bobs!

    - Pour boiling water into the jar to melt the remaining wax + tip away (DO NOT pour wax down the sink or drainpipe)

    - Wipe out your jar with a microfibre cloth + dry 

    - Enjoy!

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