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Smokey Quartz Infused Candle | Manifest | Iriswood + Musks
  • Smokey Quartz Infused Candle | Manifest | Iriswood + Musks


    The 'Manifest Collecton' 

    Manifest to bring the things you focus on for your dream life into a physical reality through attraction + belief.

    Think it, and it will come via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.


    Smokey Quartz is a powerful stone that aids in grounding + allowing us to function better as physical beings on the planet. Not only a grounding stone, it helps reign in manifestations + bring them into reality. Smokey Quartz fends off negative energy + transmutes our thoughts into positive energy.


    The Smokey Quartz Infused Candle is hand poured with vegan, soy wax 

    - deepening physical connections whilst being stable + grounding 


    All of our products have been lovingly created with every aspect of the product lending to the collection including the scent + crystal which is described in detail below. 


    Crystal Notes

    Smokey Quartz clears negative energies from the environment by grounding them in the Earth. It also serves as a general grounding stone, helping you integrate insights from higher vibrations by keeping your feet on the ground + helping you handle practical matters.

    Fragrance Notes:

    Sparkling citrus top notes lead into a heart of exotic jasmine blended with transparent white florals, cushioned with smooth amber + finished with dry cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla + sheer musks.


    Candle Size: 220g

    Handpoured | Vegan Soy Wax 

    Burn Time: Approx 45 Hours


    Candle | Crystal Care:

    - Remove your crystals before lighting + cleanse to add to your collection (click here for cleansing tips)

    - For your first use melt to the edges and extinguish for an even burn

    - Burn for 3 hours max in one sitting

    - Trim your wick after every burn (around 3 hours) This will prevent sooting + stop your candle burning too fast with a big flame. Trim to around 2.5 cm


    Environmental Care:

    - Once the wax reaches 10-15mm from the bottom your jar can be cleaned out + recycled for bits & bobs!

    - Pour boiling water into the jar to melt the remaining wax + tip away (DO NOT pour wax down the sink or drainpipe)

    - Wipe out your jar with a microfibre cloth + dry 

    - Enjoy!

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