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Tiger's Eye Infused Candle | CLARITY | Black Pepper + Berries
  • Tiger's Eye Infused Candle | CLARITY | Black Pepper + Berries


    'Clarity' is part of our 'Mann' collection


    Mann is simply translated as male in Norwegian + is our male empowerment collection. Feminism represents equality + we felt this should be present within our brand. 

    The collection is designed to promote positive, empowering messages to our male counterparts + encourage positive, healthy conversation around expectation. 


    'Clarity'..........IS FOUND IN STILLNESS


    All of our products have been lovingly created with every aspect of the product lending to the collection including the scent + crystal which is described in detail below.


    'Clarity' has a musky scent + is infused with a Tigers Eye tumblestone.


    Crystal Notes: Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings + as its names suggests is strongly connected to the moon, it soothes emotional instability + stress, stabilizes emotions promoting inner life balance + boosts inners confidence.


    Fragrance Notes: A sophisticated fruity, floral scent dominated by notes of fresh raspberries + cherries warmed with pink / black peppercorns + intertwined with a pleathora of transparent floral underscored with creamy musks.

    Top Notes: Raspberry, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Rose

    Heart Notes: Whiteflowers, Jasmine, Vetivert

    Base Notes: Musk, Amber


    Candle Size: 220g

    Handpoured | Vegan Soy Wax 

    Burn Time: Approx 45 Hours



    Candle | Crystal Care:

    - Remove your crystals before lighting & cleanse to add to your collection 

    - For your first use melt to the edges and extinguish for an even burn

    - Burn for 3 hours MAX in one sitting

    - Trim your wick after every burn (around 3 hours) This will prevent sooting + stop your candle burning too fast with a big flame. Trim to around 2.5 cm

    - Check out our Care Page for clearing, cleansing + charging tips 


    Environmental Care:

    - Once the wax reaches 10-15mm from the bottom your jar can be cleaned out + recycled for bits & bobs!

    - Pour boiling water into the jar to melt the remaining wax + tip away (DO NOT pour wax down the sink or drainpipe)

    - Wipe out your jar with a microfibre cloth + dry 

    - Enjoy!

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